Carbon footprint

We take responsibility. Do you?

Ulefos Jernværk issues an annual environmental report. We hold ISO 14001 environmental certification, which requires us, as a manufacturer, to pursue continuous reductions in our environmental impact. We have charted the environmental impact of our business and drawn up an environmental improvement program.

Our environmental choices:Carbon Footprint merke copy

We use primarily scrap iron for production.
We use environmentally friendly hydroelectric power.
We have strict requirements governing the work environment and workplace safety.
We use only environmentally friendly coatings during production.
We audit the environmental practices of our subcontractors.

Sample CO2 emissions: Ulefos products versus imports
Emissions from consumption of electrical energy are put at zero because Ulefos Jernværk has its own power plant supplying the foundry.

CO2 emissions for a manhole cover and frame, 600 mm diameter, made at Ulefos Jernværk:
Manufacture                                                                  4.70 kg CO2 (0.048 kg CO2 per kg iron)
Transport                                                                        0.81 kg CO2 (to Copenhagen)
Total documented environmental impact           5.51 kg CO2

CO2 emissions for a manhole cover and frame, 600 mm diameter, made in China:
Transport alone                                                            28.33 kg CO2

* Figures from the Swedish foundry association show that the average CO2 emission per tonne of molten iron at Europe’s top 10 foundries with cupola furnaces is 330 kg – six times higher than at Ulefos Jernværk.